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We are a family footwear company with over 20 years of tradition. At our headquarters located next to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, we create high-quality leather footwear with a passion for shoes.
Currently, the company is in the modernization phase, we are looking for new people with whom we will be able to
e to create more qualitative products that match current trends.

We are currently looking for a person for the position of INDEPENDENT PRODUCT MANAGER. Do you have knowledge and understand how the Fashion market works?  Do you have a high sense of aesthetics? Do you like autonomy at work? If you answered yes 3 times, then congratulations, we have a job for you!


1. Preparation of production patterns.
- Selection of styles for the collection.
- Searching for market trends.
- Contact with the constructor.
- Contact with the Designer
- Preparation of collection documentation


2. Preparation of advertising materials.
- Developing concepts of graphic advertising materials.
- Supervising the work of a graphic designer. - (Optional) conducting performance marketing campaigns.
- Implementation of the company's marketing strategy.


3. Cooperation with the company's sales department.
- Collecting feedback from the market about collections and designs.
- Preparation of materials for sales communication.
- Providing information about products.


4. Representing the company during industry trips and meetings with key clients.
- Collecting information on trends during international and Polish fairs.
- Providing information to clients about the collection during fairs and meetings with key clients.


- ENGLISH: min. B2 in speaking and writing
- EXPERIENCE: min. 1 year in a similar or related position
- EDUCATION: not required
- Knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the FASHION market.
- Tracking and finding trends.
- Sense of aesthetics
- Independence in action
- The desire to develop.

EDUCATION: higher majors (marketing, industrial design, PR, business psychology, etc.)
- Knowledge and skills related to shoe design.
- Knowledge of G.Ads, Fb.Ads, Fb. manager.
- Knowledge of Google Drive software.

- Salary commensurate with your skills. You won't have to deny yourself.
- A chance to acquire new skills and consolidate your knowledge through courses.
- No clichés, each day will be different from the previous one.
- Autonomy in action, you will receive certain goals from us, but it is up to you to figure out how you will achieve them. We expect professionalism, a lot of commitment and initiative from you.
- Possibility of partial remote work and high flexibility of working time.

You choose it, we can hire you on any terms.

Do you have any questions about your new job?
You can call. Patrick will answer your questions. 
739 290 266 – Patrick

Send your CV to:



739290266 - Patrick


Thank you for your cv, we will contact you even if we have to reject it.
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